Style - what is it?

They say you have or you haven't got it
Style. People talk about style all the time. One look at my wardrobe and you would say I haven't got much of it, there are smart suits and shirts alongside casual polos and jeans, I like to think I dress reasonably well, I like nice things, but is there a style. I don't think so. The same goes for photography do I have a certain style of image that I take. Again, I don't think so, unless eclectic counts as a style in this instance. I am one of those photographers that shoots what I see and what I like. I would hate to be pigeon-holed as a photographer in one particular genre and, I guess, with one particular style. Now some will argue that if you concentrate on one area/style of image taking that you will constantly improve and become a master of your art. To me that then excludes a multitude of photographic opportunities. For example, if I had gone down the route of being an out and out landscape photographer, would I have taken the photograph of a welder that won a medal in a photographic salon? By the same token would I have got the equestrian images that did well for me with the Royal Photographic Society if I had just been an industrial photographer.

I guess what I am saying is style is one thing, substance is another. For me, others will argue the opposite, the ability to turn my lens to most subjects and be reasonably confident that what comes out at the other end will be of a pretty good standard is what drives me on as a photographer. If photography is not your bread and butter income it has to be enjoyable so, make sure it is a pleasure every time the camera comes out of the bag and not a chore..