The beauty of Industry

Industrial images that could be wall art
It may just be me, but I find some of the images I take inside factories to be the opposite of what people expect. I would happily hang some of my industrial shots on my wall, if my wife held them in the same high regard! The stereotype of a man in overalls with a rag in his pocket was consigned to the dustbin many years ago and most factories are now full of the sound and sights of modern technology. Some of this technology, such as the use of lasers would have been the work of science fiction (or James Bond) not that many years ago, now it is commonplace. Feel free to have a look through my gallery of industry shots and make your own mind up. If you run a business with an industrial slant and you need some photography taking, please give me a call or e-mail and I would be happy to discuss your requirements. More industrial images can be seen in my gallery: