Three Shires Head

A long walk, but well worth it
Photographers tend to have quite long 'to do' lists and last week I managed to shorten mine by one entry with a long-anticipated visit to Three Shires Head. On the River Dane in the High Peak area of the Peak District National Park, Three Shires Head is a series of interesting, if small waterfalls occurring underneath an old Pack Horse bridge where the three counties (Shires) of Cheshire, Derbyshire and Staffordshire meet. On one side of the bridge you are stood in Cheshire, cross the bridge and you are in Derbyshire and downstream from the bridge you are in Staffordshire. Entering the River Dane is another un-named tributary with a small waterfall and in the pool created by this was the unfortunate sight of a dead sheep. Now this posed a dilemma, to use it in the shots or not. Given its position it was hard not to, so I made use of its demise in the best way possible to try and highlight the contrast between the harsh realities of life in the High Peak for livestock and the beauty of the place. I hope I did it justice.