So long old friend

Leaving isn't that hard after all
After three years of membership of the Royal Photographic Society I have come to the decision not to renew. Why? Well because I was getting nothing out of it, but in fairness I was putting nothing into it either. I originally joined when I put my images forward for an accreditation with the Society as membership is compulsory if yo want the letters after your name (LRPS) in my case. Being honest it was a bit of an ego trip, but the challenge of taking, selecting and presenting my panel of images was a worthwhile photographic experience.

As I now have little enthusiasm for the RPS and its systems I have no plans to step up to the next level, so the decision to put the membership subscription to better use was made. Therefore, from the 30th April I became Ex-LRPS and no doubt a letter will arrive asking for the certificate and badge to be returned. It was fun while it lasted as they say. So what now? Well I'm enjoying creating images for my clients and for myself again without the thought that I should be looking to add to the letters or enter the numerous salons/exhibitions at ridiculous costs every year. No doubt my kitbag wil get heavier as I will be spending the money saved on new equipment.